Saturday, August 29, 2015

(Psychic Drug) Nature's Telepathist: Godly Dosage (Psychic Drug)

Bringing out your total knowing ability along with a harmonious telepathic connection with nature. You must listen to the whole thing for the ultimate total knowing effects.

If you aren't sure how telepathy works just do your research because it's really not that complicated.

I would recommend doing the Void Meditation before listening to this or while it's playing so that the telepathic messages you send through your thoughts are what you want to send and not just something random that is going through your brain.

The Void Meditation is quite simple and may prove very effective when trying to notice the power of this brainwave.

The Void Meditation helps you so that you can better control your thoughts and will more then likely help you be a great telepathic communicator because if you're trying to send messages to another living thing through your mind, in order to avoid confusion between the sender and receiver you must be able to control your thoughts...

Just a little bit of void meditation and in time you may find yourself being able to control every thought in your mind with almost no difficulty at all.

Expand your Psychic Telepathic abilities with this brainwave.

Everyone is capable of being a psychic because we are all born with these abilities...

...The ways of society just make us forget what we are truly capable of.

Go here to figure out how to do 'Void Meditation' :


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