Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(Digital Trip) Cosmic Coke (Digital Trip)

This is an out-of-this world brainwave and is very powerful.
Another Cocaine frequency and possibly the best I've made so far.
Unlike most cocaine highs you will not have a bad come down, at least I haven't noticed me having a bad come down and I've tested the cocaine frequency I use in this.
This is the kind extremely different from Chilled Coke.
It is much more powerful and you will notice a head change almost instantaneously without the need to meditate but if you're experienced with meditation I suggest you meditate to this if you want a really good high.

Most brainwaves require meditation but mine do not. Just listen but if you're experienced with meditation give it a shot to this and be even more amazed.

This is also a great anti-depressant. 

Contains the following frequencies:

Energy Amplifier(Amplifying your energy in many ways)
Catechol(What cocaine releases in to your brain)
Enhanced Serotonin Release(which is a great anti-depressant but too much gives headaches)
Cosmic Unity at the Highest Levels(This is an amazing frequency, it brings cheerfulness)

The Cosmic Unity frequency is also the best anti-depressant frequency I know of.

Leave a review in the comments if you don't mind, I would really appreciate the feedback.

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